Man arrested after taking pictures inside Callahan Tunnel

MuhammadMamun_GChannel 7 (WHDH) TV in Boston report:
Police have arrested a man caught taking photos inside the Callahan Tunnel.

According to investigators, the suspect claimed it was simple photography, but police are not taking any chances.

Massachusetts State Police said they found Muhammad Mamun taking photos inside the tunnel at 5 a.m. on Sunday.

“How could taking pictures put me in such a situation?” Mamun said. “People take pictures of Bunker Hill, they don’t get arrested. Why did I get arrested?”

He says he is a medical student and was going to leave the US on April 1- April Fool! Muhammad your not going anywhere!

Even if he is innocent, its better this way. Who in the world would want a physician who was dumb enough to surprised that he aroused suspicion by walking around at 5AM on Easter morning snapping pics of the inside of an old, ugly, heavily travelled tunnel under the Mystic River with a name like Muhammad? No Boston driver in their right mind droves through that tunnel without wondering if its going to hold up long enough…