“Excuses” for Terrorists

The day after the Brussels terror attack, landmarks in the UK were lit up in the colors of the Belgian flag. Portions of the press in Britain excoriated the country on this. Why, they asked, had the now-traditional, mawkish ceremony occurred the day after the attacks rather than on the evening of the attacks themselves? Why were we a day late with our lights when other cities had managed to do their “solidarity” gesture straightaway? Such are our times.

And such are our questions.

  • Leftism is a mental illness. It will create victims where there are none and tragedies out of nothing.

    The left has wrapped its ego in its shaky political positions. It cannot go back on Islamism is a victim culture now.

  • eMan14

    God forbid we forget to feign support and outrage.

  • Millie_Woods

    That’s because the first night there was a ‘This Has Nothing To Do With Islam’ light show and vigil. The press missed that. Racists.