Ex-general delivers ‘sunny ways’ reality check on terrorism

OTTAWA — The former commander of the country’s special forces says no matter how many “sunny ways” there are in Canada, the reality of the world outside is that people continue to kill people and that is something the nation needs to understand.

The blunt talk by retired lieutenant-general Mike Day comes as the Trudeau government mulls options for its much-anticipated defence policy review, which will set the future course for the military.

Day referred to “sunny ways,” the unofficial catchphrase of the Liberal campaign, at the end of cautionary speech to a Mackenzie Institute conference on future conflicts.

  • ontario john

    The little dickhead puts on a nice image for Canada. He stepped off the plane last night where he was greeted by an honour guard and officials, while wearing faded blue jeans. Guess he is trying to look cool for selfies.

  • WalterBannon

    Trudeau is prepping to give Canada the same genocide that muslims are about to deliver to the EU’s people….