Bavarian AfD wants to shut down mosques

A local branch of the Alternative for Germany has written the right-wing party’s most anti-Islamic policy statement yet. According to media group “Redaktionsnetzwerk Deutschland” (RND) a draft policy by the Bavarian branch of the party demands that the “construction and operation of mosques” be banned.

Mosques “do not just serve common prayer, but also the spreading of Islamic teaching, which advocates the removal of our legal order,” said the document, entitled “Courage to Responsibility.”

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Europeans have no legitimate civil rights left anyway, so why not?

    • Kathy Prendergast

      Non-Muslim Europeans have no legitimate civil rights left. Muslims however will continue to be protected by the state no matter what they do, until full-scale civil war breaks out. And it will, sooner or later; the question now is not if, but when.

  • Kathy Prendergast

    “Mosques ‘do not just serve common prayer, but also the spreading of Islamic teaching, which advocates the removal of our legal order'”…nothing in that statement that is not demonstrable fact.

  • Gary

    The mosques in Canada are the same way but the Leaders are in denial because the Imams blame the radical jihadists on poverty or lack of jobs in Canada that drives them into the arms of the islamists.

    There is a radical mosque in High Park Toronto that is known from the Jew-hating speakers that come there and spew hate. One speaker was Mohamud Elmasry the boastful Jew-hater that was on TV as part of giving the peaceful voice of islam.
    But this rabid Jew-hater couldn’t last more than 20 minutes before
    be told the host that every person in Israel l over 19 is a valid target for Palestinian terrorist to kill because of the IDF service.
    The Police and Media give this POS scum a pass and we know that if someone said that about a muslims Nation we would see Barbara Hall get the person for a Hate-crime.
    Sadly , muslims in Canada don’t seem to have the brains to know that the Moral Bar is lower for them as if they aren’t fully human yet and the hatred and terrorism must be tolerated by having pity on them .
    It’s the new Liberal soft bigotry of lowered-expectations for muslims plus gays and blacks . All other must obey the laws and 99% of them do .
    The BLM group is the neo Brown Shirts and are Obama’s street thugs .

  • simus1

    Mosques and abscesses have a lot in common.
    Ignoring suitable needed treatment is never a good idea.

  • T.C.

    Reading about the history of islam and its spread through conquest, one is struck by the similarity of mosques to Tony Saprano’s clubhouse, the “Bada Bing,” or mafia-run “social clubs” portrayed in Hollywood movies. Generally speaking, muslims would conquer a city, turn the temples or churches of the indigenous religion into a mosque, then tax the local dimhi (conquered and enslaved) population for its upkeep. Until recently, muslims never implemented the model of a community getting together to fund and build a mosque. It was always about imposition of a mosque upon the community from the top down.

    And just as an aside, I was treated to a interesting tidbit of conversation last summer as I walked through a group of young muslim men in a nearby neighbourhood with a significant muslim component. The were arguing about whether it was morally correct to hire hookers and bring them to the local mosque to service the attendees. There was one fellow that really didn’t like the idea and was very vocal about it. That is a very different mentality from a typical Christian congregation. I expect that one day Canada will be experiencing it’s own Rotherham moment.

  • pdxnag

    Resisting violent and pre-violent sedition by Muslims causes sedition, not the Islamic texts mandating sedition.

    Hey, you need to invoke crazy buzzwords — promote “Multiculturalism” by opposing Islamic Monoculturalism by way of conquest.