This. Bam!

THESE UTTERLY awesome videos are reasonable, fair, and crushing responses to this recent sexist cry-bully video from Buzzfeed about how much men suck.

  • That b!#ch is the ugly face of feminism.

    She should hide under a rock.

    Why can’t these First-World snowflakes be sent to North Korea and experience some real suffering?

    • It’s a mystery!

      • No, seriously.

        That b!#ch frightens children. She should be forced to hide under a rock.

        • Justin St.Denis

          Isn’t that an illustration of Chanty Binks?

          • And my stomach STILL isn’t right:

          • Blind Druid

            Yes it is. She’s nothing I wouldn’t do anally from behind with no lube. But a ball gag on the cow would be mandatory.

  • Dave

    “men suck” Wrong! That’s womens work.
    There, take that you feminists.

  • Waffle


  • Frances

    Trust me, these “fembos” have no idea of the strength of real women. A real woman will – supported by a real man – keep the household going (he’s out earning the necessary money) while, at the same time, being the unpaid backbone of community, school, and religious family. And – trust me – real men prefer strong women who can manage all this and still have dinner on the table when he comes home from a hard day fending off the current version of sabretooth tigers.

  • lolwut?

    Ceara McCord does a much better job on her Youtube channel

  • Blind Druid

    “If women were meant to be equal — they would be already” – The Blind Druid