The Danger of Islamist Terrorism: Be Not Afraid

No good deed goes unpunished. The campaign by the U.S., Western countries, Kurds, and Russia against ISIS has succeeded up to a point. ISIS, the self-created Islamic Caliphate is shrinking. It has lost about 40 per cent of the territory it held in Iraq, and 20 per cent in Syria, and lost cities including Mosul, Ramadi, and Palmyra, the UNESCO World Heritage Site, and is in danger of losing Raqqa. However, as a result, ISIS has changed its priorities. Its objective now is to increase influence, not expand territory, and to export terrorism.

The ISIS Caliphate poses a greater danger to the world by sending its critical mass of foreign fighters, who swear allegiance to ISIS, back home to their countries to become sleeper cells, preparing to inflict mass casualties in cities in their own country.

  • Alain

    Do these people not understand that Islam has been exporting terrorism for around 1,400 years. Why the insistence of claiming it is something new and different%

    • Upsets the kumbaya narrative.

    • Gary

      CAIR Canada tried to get Shariah in Canada back in 2005, even when people had evidence to show how sharia has never worked in it’s existance……..Sheema Khan was on a TVO debate with Zafar Bangash and she claimed that it would work in Canada because all those other islamic nations didn’t apply it properly.

      Right, Muhammad creates the Perfect car for all People but it hasn’t worked for over 1000 years but somehow it will work in Canada.
      Muslims don’t get it, the problem is the quran which is at the root for every Terrorism attack .

  • Gary

    Islam is so perfect that she had to flee her islamic hell-hole for the West as do millions of muslims where some make a refugee claim FROM islam as we see with the Syrian muslims refugees.