Secularism does little to protect us from Islamic extremism

You might expect that the murder of Christians would excite particular horror in countries of Christian heritage. Yet almost the opposite seems to be true. Even amid the current slew of Islamist barbarities, the killing of 72 people, 29 of them children, on Easter Day in Lahore, stands out. So does the assault in Yemen in which nuns were murdered and a priest was kidnapped and then, apparently, crucified on Good Friday. But the coverage tends to downplay such stories — there has been much less about Lahore than Brussels, though more than twice as many died — or at least their religious element.

The BBC correspondent in Lahore, Shazheb Jillani, was at pains to emphasise that the victims were not solely Christians but ‘simply Pakistani citizens enjoying a day out in the park with their children’, as if that made it worse. Western European politicians rarely protest about the plight of Christians in Muslim lands or offer to help them. Such Christians are perhaps regarded as a bit of a nuisance in countries Islam dominates.

  • DavidinNorthBurnaby

    “Such Christians are perhaps regarded as a bit of a nuisance in countries Islam dominates.”
    Like Justanidiot Turdeau’s Canerduh, for example.

  • Gary

    Pakistani muslims in canada didn’t understand why people didn’t want to to name a Street Lahore . They did it anyway and now that Street with muslms on it will be known for the mass slaughter by muslim terrorist and the recent Easter slaughter by their peaceful brothers back home.

    The STAR and CBC made sure that the public didn’t know about how the Toronto-18 pakistani terrorists wanted to slaughter 5000+ civilians in Toronto because Chretien had our troops in Afghanistan that were killing their muslim brothers.
    The STAR and CBC are now protecting Justin by not reporting how Omar Khadr was caughter about 3 week ago going back to his terrorism life with Al-Qaeda.
    Rebel news had Ezra expose this and now Omar Lawyer that loved the media to paint Omar as innocent , is now hiding from Ezra but knows the CBC and STAR won’t hound him as they did to Rob Ford.

    Muslims share the same quran no matter where they live and Canada is not immune from a mass slaughter by muslims because it’s in the quran to create a Global caliphate to convert or kill the infidels.

  • ontario john

    People in the West are interested in more important things, like Cecil the Lion.

    • And Justin!

      • DavidinNorthBurnaby

        “He’s so dreamy!”

        • Alain

          And we really want to know which shampoo he uses.