¡Gringos Son El Diablo!

Unfortunately I was suckered into watching this because I thought this was something else.

The title should have been “White People Are The Devil!” (¡Gringos Son El Diablo!)

It’s a heart warming tale of a brave patriot single-handedly defending his country from hordes of alien invaders. One man can make a difference!

If however you also want to get your anti-American juices flowing, because you want to see Whites and their culture in America replaced with Illegal Alien Hispanics and their culture, then you should be all over this latest media distortion, with complementary Trump speech overlay because… well you know why, ya racists!

There is a longer and English language version here. Just because they want to see you genocided out of existence, doesn’t mean that they still don’t want your money first. Feel free to learn how to bit-torrent when this movie comes out.

Bit-torrenting is always ethical entertainment.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    The world has come unglued.

  • SDMatt

    Tit for tat wise, Trump should promise to invade Mexico. Imagine how insane the already-insane Jorge Ramos would go.

    “We will invade Mexico. We will invade Mexico and dump the illegal immigrants on their home soil. And as we retreat we will build a wall. And the Mexican government will pay for it.”

  • john700

    I don’t like to pay Hollywood for movies.

    You can also use streaming websites.

  • Charming!

  • Pavelina

    The ones who permit illegal migration are the ones who should be running for their lives. Instead, they get rewarded, just like the illegals.