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New National Poll: 72% Refuse to Support Ted Cruz, 90% Refuse to Support Kasich…

Islamic Jihad vows to avenge the blood of Palestinians ‘executed’ by Israel

Obama plotting to stall Hillary prosecution

Alabama students petition to disinvite Sen. Sessions after Trump endorsement

Muslims “frustrated” by “backlash” after Brussels jihad massacre

All Three Networks Push Obama’s ‘Lengthy Indictment’ of ‘Ugly’ Primaries

Mississippi House approves use of ‘humane’ firing squads for executions

Teacher Fired After School Dad Finds Facebook Modeling Pictures

Divide on Muslim neighborhood patrols but majority now back Muslim travel ban

Obama orders military to prioritize climate change

Rush: ABC Digs Up Video of Carter Announcing Ban on Iranian Immigration

FBI getting ready to interview the queen herself

Proposed School Voucher Program – Teaching Kids to Hate Infidels

Transgender male denied haircut at US barber shop sues

Star Wars-style moving holograms are here

If Guns Are Banned: How To Make One From Hardware Store Items

  • kkruger71

    Shouldn’t bug me quite as much as it does, but I really can’t stand the way the media jumped on board with the pronoun usage for trannies. I can accept the name changes for the most part, people have been choosing their own nicknames for years, but the 100% all in on pronouns drives me nuts.

  • AlanUK

    “If guns are banned”
    I would have thought that the more important issue was the ammunition. The people can bear arms but don’t let them buy more than 5 rounds at a time or a maximum of (say) 10 annually. Or, perhaps I shouldn’t give them ideas …