Charlie Hebdo Addresses Brussels Attacks

The new cover of Charlie Hebdo, which hit newsstands in France this morning, comments on last week’s terrorist attacks in Brussels. The first edition of the satirical weekly to come out since terrorists killed thirty-five people and injured 300 features a caricature of Belgian pop star Stromae surrounded by floating severed limbs.

Charlie Hebdo Brussels Cover

  • G

    Charlie Hebdo – decadent, self indulgent, self important, spoiled urban snots who produce nothing of value.

    Really, when the muslims murdered a few of them it wasn’t that big of a loss.

    • So “self-indulgent” that they knowingly put themselves in the cross hairs for the sake of free speech. They were incredibly brave. That’s of value.

      ‘I’d rather die standing than live on my knees.’

      • Alain

        Yes, but it didn’t last long once they were the target. They quickly caved in.

        • The publication did. Not the brave men and woman who were slaughtered.

      • G

        Oh grow up you ass.

        Their putrid publication is the work of spoiled, little shits. Then once they insulted people who get violent when insulted. They thought they would get away with it like when they insult everyone else and they didn’t.

        That doesn’t make them heroes.

        A person can be against muslim nutcases and STILL dislike Charlie Hebdo. It’s not a “one-or-the-other question”

        Now, I’m certain in your usual way you will have to get the last word in. Who cares?. I don’t plan on reading it.

        • Out of interest, why are you such an unpleasant git?

      • That statement was just grandstanding. In truth, Charlie Hebdo types are cowards, leftists ready to spit on anyone who won’t spit back, but keeping their tail well between their legs when it comes to Muslims.

    • Gary

      Now you’re catching on about how the 6,000,000,000 infidels feel about close to 90% of the hate-filled imam and the hate-filled quran with its death-cult manual.

      If only you would turn your insight and genius on the real enemy on Earth that wants Global Domination which means they will; come for you one day.