Brussels bans planned anti-Islam rally by Generation Identitaire in troubled Molenbeek

The mayor of the Brussels district of Molenbeek on Tuesday said far-right extremists have been banned from holding a planned anti-Islam rally in the troubled neighbourhood, as the city remains on edge after last week’s suicide attacks.

Members of the French far-right youth group Generation Identitaire had posted a message on their website asking supporters to descend on Molenbeek Saturday and march under the banner “Let’s expel the Islamists!”

The impoverished immigrant neighbourhood of Molenbeek has long been seen as a hotbed of Islamist extremism and the prime suspect in November’s Paris terror attacks was arrested there earlier this month, just metres from his family home.

  • Alain

    This is no longer the free world. It is a reincarnation of the old Soviet Union, communist China, N. Korea or Cuba.

    • Also, Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy. The Freedom of ordinary citizens is being crushed to give maximum freedom to the Muslims to engage in their evil jihad.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    The news media are hellbent on giving “far-right” a good name.

  • Kathy Prendergast

    “Impoverished neighbourhood of Molenbeek”, lol…NOBODY in Europe is “impoverished”, even if they haven’t worked a day in their lives, which is precisely why half of the indolent non-Western world are trampling their elderly, throwing their women on railway tracks, and drowning their children to get there. The welfare leeches of Europe’s “ghettos” are the best-fed, best-dressed, and best technologically-equipped “wretched-of-the earth” I’ve ever seen.

  • Since the governments are obviously not about to react to terror in the necessary ways and proportions, it is becoming clear to many of the people of Europe that they must sooner or later take the matter into their own hands. The issue won’t be resolved till all Muslims are expelled from Europe manu militari.

  • roccolore

    But Brussels will gladly welcome a pro-jihad rally.