U.S., European responses encourage jihadists

Are the increasing incidents of terrorist attacks in Europe the “new normal”? Must Europeans and Americans become resigned to the inevitability of regular jihadist assaults? Must we endure more meaningless bromides about not “overreacting” because we might offend the world’s 1.6 billion Muslims, playing into the hands of terrorists who promote the notion that the “Christian” West is at war with Islam?

  • Martin B

    “…because we might offend the world’s 1.6 billion Muslims”

    Note the unspoken assumption that it’s not the Muslims slaughtering infidels who offend Muslims, it’s only infidels making a fuss over it who offend Muslims.

    • Funny how that works.

    • V10_Rob

      Our very existence offends muslims, full stop period.

  • Alain

    It is actually all of the West that is guilty of this.