The Rotherham whistleblower

It is a scandal that sent shockwaves across the UK. Cases of mainly white girls – some as young as 10 – being groomed, raped, forced into prostitution, beaten and even killed, by gangs of older Asian men.

These horrendous crimes were told by the vulnerable victims to Rotherham youth worker Jayne Senior on an almost daily basis for 20 years.

They were desperate pleas for help that fell on deaf ears for nearly two decades when the 51-year-old reported them to the local police, to the council, and to social services, all of which failed to believe what Senior was telling them.

Senior, a mother of three, has now written a book called Broken And Betrayed, revealing how she became the whistleblower who risked imprisonment to provide evidence to bring these cases to court.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    The Chinese community there responded, “Asian? We’re innocent!”

  • simus1

    People in government bureaucracies who don’t understand or agree to the priorities of those who have have worked without rest to achieve carefully structured vote whoring agreements with muslims will have set themselves on a rough promotion free path.

  • SDMatt

    It’s also a betrayal to refer to these scum as “Asian.”

    • DavidinNorthBurnaby

      Yes, its rude as hell to lots of harmless people. This quasi-human garbage are Muslims and should be identified as such. We know damn well if they were Mormons that’s all anyone in the MSM would be on about.