Stop Pretending Islamic Terrorists And Crusaders Are Equal Threats Today

Go ahead, Mr. President—tell us about “The Crusades” again.

  • disqus_sRQwVYwiEu

    Why cant these morons get it through their heads that the crusades were armed response to Arabic/Islamic Aggression and territorial ambitions.

    • Alain

      Because it would not fit with their narrative. It is the same when they claim the Nazis were right-wing.

      • Gary

        Look at how the Liberal are claiming the Brent Hawkes is innocent and the boy he raped is a liar.
        These are the same Liberals that bashed the catholic Church over the sex scandal and assume they were all guilty ….but Brent is gay and pretends to be a Christian with his gay church.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    297 days until Obama is outta here.

    • bob e

      he has not finished destroying things ..
      really sick of the sleazy little gay pimp.