Patrol Muslim Neighborhoods or Jewish Ones

When I go to the synagogue on Passover, there will be a police officer at the door. There will be an NYPD officer in front of every synagogue. Police brass will make the rounds of each synagogue to check security and alertness. Local precincts will be on alert anticipating a Muslim terrorist attack.

As they are on every Jewish holiday.

In France, there are heavily armed soldiers outside synagogues. In Israel, the soldiers are more likely to be found inside the synagogues. That is what Jewish life is like under the shadow of Muslim terrorism.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Israelis take this in stride knowing that the authorities will lock down the West Bank during holiday observances just as they did for Purim.

  • Gary

    But the problem is our Diversity policy for Police where Muslims will be able to pretend the reject jihad while saying the quran loves the jews.
    So the dolts in charge will fear the racism word so they will allow Muslims to guard Jewish temples , but the do a Fort Hood and turn their weapon on the jews inside .

    The hamas funding CAIR had Sheema Khan making sure that muslim brotherhood supporters would get into all levels of Security from our Police right up through the RCMP and CSIS. Thanks to CAIR , the Police now have to warn a Mosque 24 hours ahead of any visit even if for a criminal case ………this is to warn the Imam and the terrorists so they can clean u p the mosque and put away the Jihad books and ISIS flags.

    We’re screwed because in 10 years we will have our Paris attack and more Muslims ghetto hell-holes pumping out Jihadists.