Muslim textbooks in North America teach tolerance – and demonize Israel

JERUSALEM (JTA) — It might appear churlish to criticize the teaching of Islamic studies in America.

After all, “Between Sharia and Democracy: Islamic Education in North America,” a just-released study by Impact-SE, finds that the most widely used Islamic textbooks published in the United States are generally free of imagery and ideologies that generate prejudice or contempt for others. They aim to present Islam as harmonious with many aspects of Western society and, in the main, with UNESCO’s standards of tolerance in education.

But it is not unreasonable to expect more, and particularly to ask why these curricula draw the line of tolerance and educational decency when it comes to references to Israel.

  • pdxnag

    Two audiences. The Kafir during the pre-violent stage of conquest. And then the Islam fed to Rage Boy every Friday.

  • David Smith

    Churlish no, sensible yes.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Without seething unhinged lunatic Jew hatred Islam itself begins to lose a great deal of relevance among its faithful. Antisemitism is the point of Islam. Everything else is liturgy.

  • Waffle

    From an interview with Leonard Cohen talking about his album “The Future” back in 1992:

    “There is no perspective on the future anymore. It is like, look it!, you’ll settle for the Berlin Wall. You’ll settle for totalitarianism. You’ll settle for the FBI. You’ll settle for the ozone layer with the hole in it. You’ll settle for the wrecked Amazonian forest. All these things will look good, next to what’s coming down.”

  • Minicapt

    “… particularly to ask why …” It’s 2016 and you should have learned the answer 15+ years ago. Being stupid through self-study is no way to go through life.