More on Trump’s campaign manager charged with assault

From Daily Mail:

But speaking on condition of anonymity, a member of Trump’s Secret Service detail told on Tuesday that Fields touched Trump twice – and was warned by agents to stop – before Lewandowski pulled her away.

‘She crossed in between agents and our protectee after being told not to,’ said the agent, who was present that night in Jupiter.

The aerial footage from inside the country club ballroom, which is a series of still photographs taken at steady intervals, doesn’t capture Fields making contact with Trump. But it shows him apparently pulling his arm away from her.

Plot steams and thickens.

  • Tempest in a Teapot

    • Millie_Woods

      Agreed. I’m sure she’ll turn up on some lefty talk shows eventually. They’ll milk her for what she’s worth and then her 15 minutes will be up.

      • andycanuck

        BTW, she’s got a book coming out too.

        • Millie_Woods

          OK. I’ll bite, what’s the punchline?

  • Maxsteele

    Are you serious???? This is your post on this issue? That Fields finger barely brushing Trumps arm is the problem here? Trump was the victim and the two secret service agents that were between her and Lewendowski decided not to do anything to a known reporter but instead it was Lewendowski’s responsibility as his campaign manager to reach through the secret service agent and grab her and yank her back?
    You post this while completely ignoring that the initial reaction of the Trump team was to call Fields a liar and say that Lewendowski never touched her and he did not even know who she was. Then move on to a character assassination that continues to this very moment.
    Trump and his cohorts have changed the narrative on this so many times, and lied so many times, when all they needed to do was apologize within the first week and it would have been over and dealt with.
    No mention of the, at least 4, resignations from Breitbart due to this issue?
    As someone who has been a proud follower of your blog for many years now, I am incredibly disappointed at your apparent Trump spin.
    This is not a tempest in a teapot. Along with all the other BS that Trump has propagated in the last couple of weeks this is quite telling of what kind of person he is. If he and his team are willing to lie and try to destroy people on something so small and insignificant what is he going to do when….hmmm. say, an amabassador is killed on their watch and they do nothing to save him? Or perhaps his sec. of state is caught using a personal server to exchange top secret information??? You get where I am going with this….

    • Clink9

      Maybe lie down in a cool dark room.

    • Sid Falco

      What can you say but “fuck off somewhere else then”.

      • unalien

        why don’t you tough guy

    • unalien

      exactly, dead on. The incident itself is minor, but the Alinsky style lies, denials and attacks on the victim are total Trump. He is a Liberal. An illiterate narcissistic sociopath. went full retard calling her a liar, their own reporter, BCF is really dropping the ball on critical Trump analysis.. instead posting pro Trump propaganda.. I know that they have a very sophisticated and expensive strategy to manipulate social media, blogs, internet search and even planted stories.. Anyone critical of Trump is gang attacked with smears and lies to discredit.. these are not Conservatives.. Walker endorses Cruz and he is attacked.. this is liberalism,,

      It is amazing how many so called “conservatives” have been conned by Donald and his army of trolls…

      Corey Lewandowski was charged with “simple battery” not assault which he clearly committed in the video,, Trump and his sycophants are out trashing and blaming the victim.. just like Liberals..

      Corey Lewandowski is being represented by Trumps lawyer, Kendall Coffey, surprise, he has a Clinton connection. a former US Attorney appointed by Clinton. who also had to resign because he bit a stripper in a nightclub,, this is Trumps lawyer.

      Is Trump paying for Cory, probably,,

      “Trump is represented by the law firm of Kendall Coffey, a former U.S. attorney for Southern Florida.”

      • Maxsteele

        Good to see that there is someone on here who actually knows the issue and has the intelligence to make their own reasonable conclusions based on the facts, not propaganda. I could not agree more that Trump has been using the same Obama/Alinsky tactics that the fascists on the democrat side have been using for the last decade or more.
        It is almost like the Trumptards on here and other websites refuse to believe their lying eyes when watching the video.
        No wonder Trudeau got elected…

        • Clink9

          Yes, from my angle it looks like her arm was ripped out of its socket. Attempt murder charges would be more appropriate.

          • unalien

            you really are an ignorant piece of trash,,

            the charge by the police was “simple battery” look up the Florida law,, from the video, It is clear he broke the law that is why he was charged..

            mocking, smearing and discrediting the victim is the script for the army of internet Trump Trolls, the truth not so much

          • Clink9

            Heh, feel better?

            These Cruzers can be an angry bunch when their candidate needs 87% of the next delegates.

            Rafael is young, maybe next time.

    • bob e

      mebbe’ take some pills & comment on hillary ‘s page .
      we try & avoid hemorrhoids ..

  • andycanuck

    Michelle Fields violated the Trump Secret Service circle. That’s a felony right there (if the SS decided to charge her).
    Trump’s SS detail has confirmed that she touched Trump twice (that’s 2 simple batteries) and was warned by SS to get back.
    The pictures of her alleged bruises are on her forearm she claimed were from the incident are brown (indicating at least a week old), yet Corey is clearly touching her upper arm, not her forearm.
    She claimed point blank that she was jerked back with such force she almost fell down — that didn’t happen and not anti-Trump hysteria changes that. And that is what Corey was denying when he said he didn’t “touch her” — he didn’t jerk anyone so hard she almost fell. Expecting him to remember this quick brush-aside is bogus.
    Trump supplied this tape we’re seeing today to the police — it’s from his facility. If you think he didn’t have lawyers review it before that, you’re crazy. The Dem Hillary supporting police chief couldn’t help bringing these bogus charges which will be quietly dropped after the campaign season is over.
    Posted by: Not to beat a dead horse at March 29, 2016 04:21 PM (aNrvT)

    Shamrock | March 29, 2016 8:05 PM | Reply
    Trumped up charges to give Michelle and her bf the fame and press credentials unachievable from their own skill. I don’t know the laws of Florida, but is this out of a citizen complaint, requiring the police to act? I understand there’s no formal charge at this time, which must happen before trial proceeds.

    This seems a very spurious accusation. I have watched the Trump supplied and other videos time and time again and I just can’t see it. She seems to be attempting to cut across Trump’s path with his personnel protection acting to her to move her away. She then waits days to go to the police or show her bruises, she now alleges were caused by at best incidental contact with someone when she entered a security bubble.

    Michelle’s seems like a self-important, wannabe investigative but unemployed journalist type (apparently one can accuse, no proof, just belief required):

    “… she claimed she was assaulted when she worked for Students for Liberty and threatened the organization when they asked her to do work. It’s important to stress here that Fields is pretty lazy. She was fired from the Daily Caller for not doing work. Her famous questioning of celebrities reportedly required a lot of coaching from her videographer.”

    Daily Caller senior editor Jamie Weinstein is Michelle’s on again, off again boyfriend. He’s important and will come up again later. Weinstein and Fields are a wannabe DC power couple. Why did Fields not ask a question of Trump at his forty-minute press conference?”

    Why was she waiting in an area that Secret Service was already clearing? Why did Fields who did not see who tugged her arm ask Lewandowski if he was in the fact the person who tugged her arm? Why did she not speak to a superior about the alleged incident instead of a speaking to a hostile news outlet and a romantic interest right away? Why did Fields not ask a question of Trump at his forty-minute press conference?”

    Why was she waiting in an area that Secret Service was already clearing? Why did Fields who did not see who tugged her arm ask Lewandowski if he was in the fact the person who tugged her arm? Why did she not speak to a superior about the alleged incident instead of a speaking to a hostile news outlet and a romantic interest right away?”

    Maybe this is the way she has figured out how to become known since she lacks the ability or work ethic? Cue for the charges of sexism. She wants to play in the big leagues, well here goes. She’s going to receive a sh**storm of negative details about her previous peccadillos, like using the same “I nearly lost my balance” attack claims against the NYPD at an Occupy rally.

    Again, no presumption of innocence for Trump or anyone supporting him. It was truly sad to see Kasich and Cruz use this for their purposes, using a discreditable “charge” against a Trump aide for whom there is zero chance of conviction. How they prove intent in this case should be interesting.

    It will surely never go to trial. Michelle and the bf’s trial has just begun; hope they enjoy their new fame. Sure Trumps feistiness bothers many, but he will act with loyalty to protect his guy. He should probably just let the thing go away, but that’s not his style.

  • Alain

    Perhaps someone could show her what assault really is.

    • unalien

      You sound just like a Liberal, let me guess Trump supporter

      • Clink9

        Cruz still has a chance. Just has to win 87% of the remaining delegates.

        • bob e

          and deny he porked every women he could get his hands on while he was married ..

          • Minicapt

            That would infringing on DoJohn prerogatives.


          • unalien


          • bob e

            so are you pork head ..

          • unalien

            I see you are deep thinker.. deep in what I have no idea..

        • unalien

          Cruz up 10 point to Don the Con in Wisconsin

          NO WAY, Trump beats Hillary with his 70% unfavourable with women,

          A Trump nomination = President Hillary

          • Clink9

            I can see your erection from Canada.

          • unalien


  • People, the legal question is, was it assault? The details are not only relevant, they are essential. It is legal for a guy to be a creep, whether Trump, Lewandowski, or Jian Ghomeshi. If video evidence supports the information the Mail offers, there might not be a prosecutable case for assault. We shall see.

    For the record, my primary interest in the Trump candidacy is the light it has shone on the way big media, no longer strictly necessary for news dissemination, have become a party in the conflict, a party seeking shelter, generally as mercenaries for progressive causes.

    • unalien

      He wasn’t charged with assault, your premise is faulty. He was charged with “simple battery”.. HE IS CLEARLY GUILTY

      Florida Law..

      The crime of Simple Battery or Misdemeanor Battery is defined under Section 784.03, Florida Statutes. In Florida, the term battery means:

      Any actual and intentional touching or striking of another person against that person’s will (non-consensual), or

      The intentional causing of bodily harm to another person.

      Where there are no aggravating factors or enhancements at play (such as use of a weapon, serious bodily injury, or domestic violence) the offense is known as “simple battery” or “misdemeanor battery.”

      The primary foundation of “Conservatism” is the pursuit of the truth, “Liberalism” is the subversion of truth aka “ends justify the means” Trump and his troll army are the latter…

      • Let’s see what the court says.

        • unalien

          Did you even understand what I wrote,, YOUR PREMISE is FAULTY,, Cory wasn’t charged with “assault”, How can one construct a reasoned conclusion or opinion without the facts.. The video clearly shows “simple battery” by the Florida legal definition. You don’t need a court to tell you what is clear in the video.. courts are not always the arbiter of truth.

          You are in denial..

  • Everyone, please keep it civil. People are allowed to disagree, even about Trump.