Beaten and forced to wash outside: Terrifying ordeal of arranged bride kept as a slave in London home

A MAN who enslaved his wife from an arranged marriage and forced her to wash in his garden faces prison.

34-year-old Safraz Ahmed kept Pakistani Sumara Iram at his home in Charlton, London, subjecting her to vicious beatings and telling her she would be raped and murdered if she ran away.

She described how she was made to do chores day and night, and was treated like a servant.

Ahmed’s conviction for conspiracy to hold a person in domestic servitude is the first of its kind in the UK, according to the Sunday Times.

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    It wuz the jooz what did it.

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      Clearly they cast a spell on him.

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    Never forget that it was Tony Blair who opened the gates of the UK to this grinning goatfucker and so many others like him.

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