Acknowledge, Don’t Apologize

Every time jihadis kill Kafirs, our leaders and Muslims launch another “Don’t blame Muslims” campaign. The latest campaign is presented by Omar Alnatour. He takes the approach of Muslims should not apologize for what criminals do, because terrorists have nothing to do with Islam.

OA: “Radicals have hijacked his religion”
If a Muslim imitates Mohammed, he is following the Sunna, which the Koran commands Muslims to do. It is not a crime, if you do what Mohammed did.

OA: “Islam teaches peace”
Islam does preach peace, but it also preaches jihad. Mohammed rose to power on politics and jihad, not peace.

OA: “Islam says not to kill the innocents”
Yes, but Kafirs are guilty of rejecting Mohammed and are not innocent.

OA: “Muslims are not terrorists”
No, Muslims are called to be jihadis, not terrorists. The Koran devotes 24% of the Medinan Koran to jihad.

OA: “Muslims condemn terrorism”
Perhaps, but will Muslims acknowledge that they cannot condemn what Mohammed did? They cannot condemn Mohammed’s jihad.

OA: “Good Muslims have no relationship to terrorists”
Peaceful Muslims say the same prayers, read the same Koran and follow the Sunna as the jihadis.

  • Alain

    The problem is that it is all written in the Koran, hadiths and suras, so they are simply implementing the basic teachings of Islam.

  • Gary

    Even if Obama and Justin claim the Muslim jihadists aren’t true muslims…..this makes it worse because they all have the Quran in common at the core of their terrorism .
    It’s amazing how non-muslims can read the quran and be just as barbaric to slaughter innocent civilians as devout muslims and yet they somehow also are able to praise allah in Arabic and cite the quranic verses that sanction they murders.