Tycoons plan base on moon by 2026


Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Know anyone with a moon on their flag?

  • I think we should encourage this.

    • Jamiemlange

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    • They must have recently visited Washington state. Some of finest marijuana extract ever, created by free enterprise, can easily be purchased.

      But hypothetical piles of rare elements on the moon are not going to overcome the reality of cost and risk.

      But that was real good pot.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      Why does no one mention that one sixth gravity causes a loss of bone density that can be irreversible if expose to it for too long?
      Does anyone know the long term effects on muscles of being in that environment?
      What about the effects of those things on gestation?

  • Hard Little Machine

    Hugo Drax?

    • New Centurion


  • Raymond Hietapakka

    They should find it extremely entertaining living there…unlimited recreational opportunities…

  • simus1

    No earth – moon cable car system powered by unicorn farts?
    Rent seekers. Always keeping the dream alive.

  • G

    I would love to see it but I’m skeptical. For almost 20 years now we’ve been hearing how regular suborbital tourist flights were only a couple of years away. So far – nothing.

    I think this was just some journalist wanting to fill page space with something exciting.

    As far as private, recreational space travel goes, my best guess would be a bunch of European engineers who have started an organization called “Copenhagen Suborbitals”. They are doing the engineering and tests then publishing their results open source.

  • Exile1981

    I could see the worlds richest wanting to move to orbit or the moon to escape the hell they have created on earth with multiculturalism