Senate Homeland Security Committee Chairman on ISIS: ‘Our critical infrastructure is vulnerable’


“I’m highly concerned about that, but not only in Europe — look at the attack on the Metcalf power station in California. We have not solved that. That’s a very disconcerting chain of events here,” Johnson said, referring to the 2013 sniper attack on a California energy grid substation, which took out power to parts of Silicon Valley. He continued: “So trust me, our critical infrastructure is vulnerable to cyber-attack, to potential terrorist attack, and we are not taking this threat seriously enough.

Air Force warns of ‘coordinated physical attacks’ on electric grid

  • Major damage can be done for very little effort.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      A few years ago when I lived in Saskatoon the power went out one Saturday night.
      Totally ruined the weekend.
      Later found out it was some goofball shooting out insulators on a transmission line.
      There’s no real way to defend a transmission line.
      You can only be ready to mobilize when it goes down.