“Pupils” attack Paris police stations after teen’s beating and other news from Europe…

Pupils attack Paris police stations after teen’s beating

France-linked Muslim terrorists arrested in Belgium, Netherlands

ISIS scare grounds EasyJet London flight

Italy arrests terror suspect wanted by Belgium: reports

  • Kathy Prendergast

    Not to justify the police actions, but…the “pupil” who got beaten admitted that he was throwing eggs at the police, but was “shocked” that they retaliated. I have little sympathy for the brat. If you don’t want to get beaten, don’t throw shit.

  • T.C.

    You can’t find it on you Tube anymore, but the video of the cops taking down that muslim terrorist in the Jewish deli & grocery follow the Charlie Hebdo massacre showed the French cops dragging the terrorist back into the building out of sight of the cameras. The hostages were pouring out of the front entrance at the same time. As soon as the terrorist was out of sight one heard three rapid shots. Problem solved! France is at war. The French security forces know this. The guy who just got punched was taking the side of the enemy. He should be grateful all he got was this little love tap.