‘Europe might be dying’: Bernard-Henri Levy – BBC Newsnight

  • The Butterfly

    Soon butterflies will rule the world.

    • Then the age of Aquarius?

      • The Butterfly

        And love will steer the stars.

  • mauser 98

    and the BBC stuck the knife in deeper

  • Gary

    Wow, thank gawd we have the BBC with such insight and observation skills to notice what everyone else say two years ago.
    Next they’ll tell us that the Berlin Wall looks like it may came down while the USA is close to pulling out of Vietnam .

  • John

    Bernard-Henri Levy is a moron…couldn’t be bothered.

    Marine LePen was in Town last week. In this interview, done the day before the Brussels attack, she humiliates and then KOs Anne Marie Dussault, seasoned french CBC journalist, with one hand tied behind her back.

    The next day LePen was interviewed on the TVA network to comment on the Brussels bombings


    • Alain

      Thanks for the clip. Words cannot express how impressed I was by LePen, especially in having to put up with the likes of Dussault. Dussault was typical in making all kinds of accusations without being able to provide a single example. As for Quebec politicians regardless of party, not a single one has the honesty and guts to address the elephant in the room. It is the same on the national level. Denial, denial and denial.

      • dance…dancetotheradio

        I know.
        Even Pierre Karl Peladeau.

  • pdxnag

    Huh! The core is the Koran and the sea of Muslims that support slaying and enslaving the Kafir according to Islam. Only the locations change over time.

  • Hard Little Machine

    That goes without saying. In just a few years the French will probably close the Louvre or set fire to it to make nice with the Muslims. Notre Dame will be demolished by the government with public funds. They’ll reopen Drancy. That’s not really a seriously questioned point any more.