Brussels Terrorist was Muslim Migrant Rights Activist

A MIGRANTS’ rights activist suspected of being the surviving Brussels airport bomber known as the “man in the hat” was yesterday charged with terrorism offences by Belgian police.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Mass murder IS a Muslim right. They’re pretty clear about this.

    • Who are we to judge their culture?

      • moraywatson

        Don’t judge. Just identify and marginalize (with extreme prejudice if necessary).

  • simus1

    He was being controlled on his suicide foray by djinn allies of the Zionists but managed to break free of their spells at the last moment because of his strong faith in allah.

  • Solo712

    A migrant rights activist, eh ? Who would have thunk ?

    • Gary

      The perfect cover which is working well for Justin jew-hating homophobic hamas linked Sunni saudi Omar Alghabra that used to be the head of the same CAF that claimed that 80% of the Arabs and muslim in Canada support hezballah.
      Omar is close to the hamas-funding CAIR and he was part of the efforts to tell muslims to not help the RCMP and CSIS track down their jihadists brothers.
      The CAF posted a PDF for muslims to read it and know that the don’t have to help the Police or RCMP when they need help exposing islamic terrorists .

      Justin is a complete dolt and is surround by Muslims brotherhood moles which may slit his throat was he’s no longer needed when he approves shariah in Canada.

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    Those eyebrows give the Gallagher brothers a run for their money, eh?