Brussels, Molenbeek, and the Way Out for Europe

The terrorist mayhem in Brussels has again produced the predictable hand-wringing about its causes. And again, as in France after last November’s attacks, the focus has been largely misplaced. Most of the attention has been directed to the role played by ISIS in organizing and carrying out the attacks. In doing that, pundits and officials alike have, willingly or not, diverted attention from the single most important fact in this matter — the presence of a huge and rapidly growing radical Islamic community in the middle of Europe. It is this community motivated by a hateful Islamo-fascist ideology that has become the main supplier of radical jihadists to the terrorists in the Middle East and not vice versa.

  • Gary

    I over heard a muslim try to claim that non-muslims create the muslim terrorists and now complain when they attack them.

    This seems to make muslims look pretty stupid with no self control of free will and can easily be made into rabid savages that will kill for their god.

    • Victimhood is central to Islam’s brain washing.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    There are three strands fostering radicalization that have to be tackled.
    1. Saudi Wahhabism and its offshoots, such as ISIS and Al Qaeda.
    2. The Muslim Brotherhood and its subsidiaries.
    3. Khomeini-Shiism.
    It’s up to us to prioritize the hazards each one poses and take them on in succession, but not simultaneously, as Trump points out.

  • Exile1981

    The solution to Molenbeek is to wall off that district. Then shut off water, sewer and power to the area. After a few weeks the food and supplies will start to run out and then you can give everyone who wants to leave the option to give up their citizenship in the EU and be shipped back to the middle east (or where ever they came from) or they can stay in the walled compound.