Worst US law school avoids legal comeuppance but maybe the public won’t

From Daily Caller:

One of the lowest-performing law schools in America dodged a legal bullet Thursday, after a California jury said it didn’t have to compensate a graduate who was unable to obtain a legal job.


But Thomas Jefferson’s court victory won’t change what is, in general, a very grim market for attorneys in the United States. The legal industry has never really recovered from the 2008 financial crisis, and a declining number of jobs has clashed with a seemingly neverending torrent of new JDs. While applications to law schools have fallen dramatically, enrollments have dipped more slowly, and every year there are significantly more freshly-minted JD’s than there are legal jobs for them to fill. Yet even as the job market has stagnated, law school tuition has kept growing at a rapid pace, meaning the typical law school graduate has to take on over $100,000 in debt to complete their degree.


We are told, further, that jobless young grads are depressed.

Reality check: The culd solve their problem by providing legal artillery for the junior jackboots of Asshat U, drifting along with =them into government jobs policing what everyone else thinks, says, and does.

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  • G

    “News” organizations laying off journalists, now law school grads being unable to find work.
    Good news at last!

  • Spatchcocked

    Ambulance chaser becomes ambulance driver….
    Journalist becomes newspaper delivery boy…

    There’s a certain fearful symmetry at work here.

  • Ron MacDonald

    Thomas Jefferson School of Law – Smart rank #201
    Acceptance Rate: 82.6%
    Median LSAT: 144
    Median Undergraduate GPA: 2.74
    Employment Rate of Graduates: 59.7%
    Bar Pass Rate: 49.0%


    Stanford Law School – Smart rank #1
    Acceptance Rate: 11.3%
    Median LSAT: 171
    Median Undergraduate GPA: 3.89
    Employment Rate of Graduates: 96.3%
    Bar Pass Rate: 90.1%


    Yale Law School – Smart rank #3
    Acceptance Rate: 9.7%
    Median LSAT: 173
    Median Undergraduate GPA: 3.93
    Employment Rate of Graduates: 91.3%
    Bar Pass Rate: 91.9%