What could French political culture have to do with Islamist violence?

French political culture may play a key role in Islamist radicalisation, according to two American researchers who study Sunni extremist movements in the world.

French President Francois Hollande Is An Idiot

French President Francois Hollande Is An Idiot

  • T.C.

    It isn’t the language. The other correlation, which is ignored, is that France has cultivated a left-leaning culture and atheism (the official state “religion”) since the French revolution. The greatest number of Islamic State converts coming from a French background (non-muslim) were raised in leftist, atheist families.

    • That is a valid point. There is a vacuum being filled that secularism, socialism and multiculturalism created.

    • John

      Yeah, sometimes I think that secularism/atheism is but a brief interlude between the abandonment of one religion and the adoption of another.

  • John

    It may just be due to the fact that percentage wise, both France and Belgium have the highest number of Muslims in Europe. And to claim Belgium as ‘francophone’ is a bit of a stretch. It is 55% non-francophone with millions of dutch-speakers in the north and about a million german-speakers in the east.

    Great photo of Hollande! Really captures his character…and his intelligence.

  • ntt1

    Having endured french service culture in paris I can vouch for the blood pressure raising rudeness of its citizens . incidentally ,this culture dumped its rejects into North america as the basis for the rapidly inbreeding quebecois, talk about fruit of a poisoned tree.
    happily for the french in general ,the rest of the country regards the parisians as major assholes which they indeed are.

  • Brenda

    So the reason they’re trying to kill us is because the French and Belgians banned the veil and are trying to put a lid on their bullshit. That and the high youth unemployment. Maybe if we let them run around in black body bags and give them tons of free stuff they’ll like us more.

  • marty_p

    And here I thought the French were being targeted due to their historical renowned cowardice and desire to collaborate – I assumed that Muslim terrorists are targeting them with the mindset that sooner or later they will surrender to some type of dhimmi status under Muslim rule e.g. The Vichy Republic #2

    • T.C.

      The Poilus of Verdun were renown for their bravery and loyalty. Try to be a bit more circumspect and not lump that French virtue in with their politicians.