Trump says Saudi Arabia Wouldn’t exist without the US and threatens to stop buying its oil


Donald Trump has declared Saudi Arabia would not exist “without the cloak of American protection” as he threatened to stop the US from buying its oil.

  • Tell me what’s not to like about this guy again?

  • G

    Damned right Bcf! I’ve always said there’s no reason for the U.S to be buying a single barrel of oil from the Middle East as long as Canada can provide that barrel.

    Up until a month ago I worked in the oil industry. Now, thanks to Saudi greed and power lust oil prices are in the toilet and I’m laid off.

    I’m Trump’s biggest fan now!!!!!!

    • Norman_In_New_York

      In addition, Trump wants our European and East Asian allies to pay for our security protection now that they have been out of the poorhouse since the Marshall Plan. He is onto something.

  • canminuteman

    I’d vote for that. The Soddi’ are not our friends and allies. They are our enemies and have been for ever. One could assume that we pretended they were our allies because we needed their oil, but now I suspect there are too many people in high places being paid off by them to keep up the charade.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      Who ever decided they should get to keep the oil?
      As far as I’m concerned they are a bunch of in bred aborigines who didn’t know what they were sitting on until someone in the west invented the internal combustion engine.

      • ntt1

        exactly. just sheer luck as to where they pitched their camel hide tents.

      • Definitely. They have no right to the oil, which only has value due to Western technology.

  • Not only should the US stop buying oil from the Saudi’s but we need even a much larger strategy.

    1) Quit using American military might to protect the Saudis from their neighbors. I am aware the entire Gulf area could explode. Who cares. The Middle East needs a good purg. The world is awash in oil (as a result of American oil technology.) Now is the time to let the Muslim millions kill themselves. When they get done the world will be better off.
    2) Zero tolerance any and all funding of terror that can be tracked back to the Muslim world. I mean 100% confiscation of all monies deposited in the Western banking system for even one penny’s worth of terror funding. My God would that tighten up some Muslim ass holes.
    3) Let the Muslim states know – we reserve the right to militarily decimate any and all “non-governmental actors” (terror groups) operating out of any Muslim country. And if any Muslim country tries to stop us, we will destroy their military with whatever means necessary.

    This will get their attention. But it takes a leader with a set of balls.

    • ntt1

      start by closing all wahabist saudi funded mosques and outlaw islamic schools altogether ,they are just jihadi training centres.Deport any imams trained outside the north american continent.

      • Deport all Muslims period. They are all potential terrorists. So long as they are allowed to stay and multiply, there will be no peace or security.

    • pdxnag

      Baby steps. Stop any Saudi owned company from contributing to any American political campaign. This would not violate the infamous Citizens United case.

  • John

    We can make up for the loss of Saudi oil imports to the U.S.

    America’s foreign student visa program should also be scaled back to eliminate any academic exchanges with Saudi America. Why pass on OUR scientific/technological knowledge and discoveries with these backward savages? Why give these primitive, obscurantist bastards the benefit of our hard earned scientific and technological progress?

    There are tens of thousands of Saudi students in western science, chemistry, IT and physics departments stealing the West’s discoveries.

    Keep them down and keep them stupid because that’s what they deserve.

    We should also force the fat bastards to fight their own wars. Why should young American men and women die protecting this vile and obscene entity?

  • Michael Onoo

    I like to imagine the consequences of this, there are so many good outcomes.

    • luna

      1. Saudi Arabia sells there Oil to someone else.
      2. Saudi Arabia embraces a policy openly opposed to the U.S.
      3. House of Saud falls and is replaced with something worse.

      • Maggat

        And.. Canada can get going on the Keystone Pipeline.

        • DD_Austin

          Nope, the keystone refinery, no more exporting raw materials
          and jobs, they had their chance

          We sell gasoline, jet fuel, lubricants, plastics, petroleum jelly
          but not crude

          • Alain

            Hear! Hear!

        • barryjr

          I don’t think it will happen. Obama was able to delay it long enough to get the US shale supply in place and it will now supply US needs. With the drilling laws on private land oil companies can get a contract from a farmer and turn an empty field into a well, completed and tied into a pipeline system in about a month according to an article I read by an oil exec in OilPro Daily. With that kind of production no need for “dirty tar sands oil”.

          • Concerned Canadian

            I doubt if the US will be able to meet all it’s needs by itself. Your comment ” dirty tar sands oil” tells me that you are most likely a misinformed environmentalist. There is no such animal as “tar sands”. By the way, the US imports millions of barrels of “dirty heavy oil” from your buddies in Venezuela. Any comment on that little tidbit?

          • barryjr

            I guess my sarcasm wasn’t clear. That is true and not only the US Canada does as well. If you want to talk about GHGs what about the amount created when Canada imports oil by tanker when we could pump Canadian products through pipelines to Canadian refineries. I try to keep up on US production and with Congress allowing the export of oil from the US for the first time since 73 I would bet that they are pretty close to being self sufficient.

      • Michael Onoo

        Now think of the good ones

  • politicallynaive

    they are going to be up the creek without oil money to buy everything for they don’t produce anything

    • Maggat

      Yes you are correct, as well it would take a thousand years to develop their shit/sand hole country into something worth while.

  • Alain

    Wow! Imagine what it would be like to have an American president who is not on the Saudis’ payroll for once.

    • John

      Saudi Arabia should be subjected to a complete economioc boycott by Europe and America. After all, in terms of rights and freedoms the place is fifty times worse than the old South Africa under apartheid. And isn’t it strange that few if any Human Rights groups ever point that out?

      • They should not have any modern technology – weaponry, cars, oil rigs, smart phones – nothing. Back to goat herding is what suits them best.

  • Justin St.Denis

    Prepare yourselves for the Saudi-funded anti-Trump shitstorm the Progressives will stage in the wake of Donald’s comments. Trump probably figures its best to bring out all the worms now since vultures get hungry in Spring.

    • Alain

      I wager it was already happening along with money from Iran and Soros.

  • Tokenn

    Yeah…I’m not sure this is the best course of action, but Trump is right when he notes that Saudi Arabia would be nothing without the West buying its oil. In retrospect, America and the nations of Western Europe should have simply conquered the whole Middle East and run it as a colonial possession. Even the natives of the area would have been better off…kinda like India was under the Raj and afterward. [Yes I know…it wasn’t and isn’t Disneyland, but still…]

    • The Arab world – and Muslim world – need to be conquered and run as colonial possessions. These peoples are absolute barbarians still, and it will take them many generations of education to get wise.

  • ntt1

    good for Trump The soddies are every bit as barbaric as ISIS. they may be perfumed effete goat abusers but basically they are still goat abusers and desert brigands.

  • Everyone Else


  • Brett_McS

    As usual Mr Trump says what the average Joe is thinking about some issue – and that’s his appeal – but without having any idea of what to do about it. The only way we can “stop buying Saudi oil” is to embargo the Saudi ports. Which is an act of war.

  • FactsWillOut

    I’ll be voting for him for PM next federal election.