Trudeau condemns Lahore “deplorable bombing”, ignores fact Christians explicitly targeted by Muslims

Yes he did.

  • Ed

    These victims are not part of his groovy life drama. Let’s get back to those marvey syrian refugees! SAY, have you sponsored your very own yet??? If life denied you a pony, here’s your chance!

    • He really does think that way;)

    • Gary

      McCallum lets ti slip that they want another 175,000 during 2017-18-19 right before the Election.
      Gee, that will make the muslim population close to 1.5 million voters which out number the native or the jews.
      Justin’s Final Solution for Canada’s natives and jews.

  • Alain

    Not surprising in the least.

  • barryjr

    PM Selfie is a mental midget.

  • eMan14

    This 4 year term (more or less)… can’t end soon enough. And it won’t end well.

    • Kell

      why wait?

  • Jay Devvy

    John Kerry took a clearer position

    Reading about it I thought about two things:

    Here is one of them
    1)In whatever way a century, someone opines that the deep idiot John Kerry knows how to clearly convey his thoughts . Because Kerry is stupid, like a cork and is capable not merely to show his thoughts clearly, and to think coherently

    And now, the second of them
    2)Finally, in North America, to the delight of Kerry and Obama, such the PM appeares who is much dumber than both of them.Now just think about that. . Canadians have chosen such a profound idiot as the Prime Minister instead of clever Stephen Harper

  • Will Quest

    The taliban are considered ‘pious ‘ people by Pakistanis . There you are folks the ideology of the most benevolent most merciful ….. thar she blows…..

    • Gary

      That’s why the Pakistani background Toronto-18 muslim terrorists wanted to slaughter thousands in Toronto via truck-bombs because Chretien had our troops in Afghanistan that were killing their Muslim brothers .

      Justin the dolt won’t wake-up from his childhood until we have about 5 Quranic inspired jihad slaughters on our soil.
      I have heard three well known Imams freely say that they want Shariah in Canada while one of them said he would like to see women hanging from street lamps for being temptresses and violating shariah plus offending allah.
      Not 1 word from the CBC or Naomi Klein to condemn this Imam for wanting to hang women in Canada. Oh wait, did I not tell you it was the Khadr’s Imam Aly Hindy who also said he coaches young muslim to stay in Canada and do Jihad here to kill Canadians.
      The CBC loves Omar Khadr and still hasn’t reported that he’s gone back to contacting Al-Qaeda , which means that he was telling the truth when he saw Maher Arar at the Al-Qaeda jihad training camp in Afghanistan.

  • ontario john

    Well, considering that he stated that helping Christians first in disgusting, its not a surprise. Same as the meaningless gibberish he gave for an Easter message, where he stated that Easter is all about reaching out with helping hands. No you moron, its about the risen Christ.

  • Jay Devvy

    Whoever looks for an alibi for a notorious murderer is not attempting to get the opportunity to end the violent death becomes an accomplice to murder.