Today in Diversity: Family of slain Muslim shopkeeper fear lives in danger… from Muslims

We fear we will be next, says family of newsagent who was stabbed to death by another Muslim in a religiously motivated attack after posting Happy Easter message

Mr Shah’s family, originally from Pakistan, are members of the Ahmadiyya Islamic sect, which preaches ‘love for all, hatred for none’, but is seen as sacrilegious by orthodox Muslims.

Yesterday, close relatives of Mr Shah revealed they are ‘fearful for their own security’ in the wake of his death.

Speaking to The Mail on Sunday on the condition that their names are not published, they paid tribute to a ‘much loved’ husband, brother and uncle.


Remember this story the next time the MSM in Canada trot out the Ahmadiyya as representative of Islam.

They are not. Muslims consider the Ahmadiyya an apostate sect worthy of death.

  • This will go down the memory hole along with the other incidents of “peaceful co-existence”.

  • lgeubank

    That’s truly sad. Here’s a guy who’s a Muslim, but not a fanatic — somebody who can get along with other people, and who doesn’t want to convert everybody by force. One of those near-mythical “moderate Muslims.” A nice guy, a friend and neighbor. And they murder him for not being a fanatical Saracen. Sad.

    • Alain

      That is Islam for you.