Their greatest strength is our weakness

“…Even worse, the smoke had yet to clear from the bomb in the metro station when the usual useless idiots and Islamic apologists were out in force.

The attacks were a reaction against Western Imperialism, we were told. They were revenge for intervention in Syria (despite the fact that Russia has killed innumerably more civilians) or, my favourite, they were the actions of a ‘disenfrachised, abandoned sector of society’ – as if growing up in a sink estate is an obvious reason to slaughter strangers.

Even more predictable was the virtue signalling from the chin-stroking bien pensants of Irish society who were quick to express their first concern – a potential growth in Islamophobia.

For a class of people who like to think they are more spiritually evolved than the rest of us, the bleeding hearts of the Left seem utterly devoid of any moral centre whatsoever.

How can anyone with any sort of moral compass look at the blasted, burned and mangled bodies of 34 people and immediately start fretting about something which hasn’t happened yet?”

Brussels tomorrow

Note – demonstration may not have actually occured