Just for the Record: The Upcoming ISIS Attack on Canada

An ISIS inspired or ordered attack on Canada is a direct possibility. Should it occur tomorrow or a year from now, a chorus of voices will express surprise and shock. The main narrative from pundits and politicians will be “We never thought it could happen here.”

Just for the record, and from an open source intelligence point of view, here are the “indicators and warnings” of an attack on Canada which will occur based on either orders from ISIS or by someone in Canada who is inspired by the Islamist/ISIS ideology.

  • Ron MacDonald

    Should a terrorist attack happen on Canadian soil the root cause will be Justin Trudeau’s ineptness.

    • Maxsteele

      Much deeper than that Ron. The previous two terrorist attacks in Canada, St. Jean and Ottawa, were on the Harper watch. All politicians, of both stripes, are trying to dumb us down thinking that we will all go crazy if we learn the truth that all of these attacks are planned, controlled, and influenced by terrorist regimes and that the government has done very little to stop it.
      What the liberals are doing, that the conservatives (to their credit) did not do, is they have done a cost/benefit analysis and believe that appeasing the Islamists will keep them safe. They should ask France, Spain, and Belgium how that works out.

      • Ho Hum

        I agree. We must never forget that under Harper’s watch he let in over half a million Muslims – he almost doubled the Muslim population. They these half million Muslim’s are breeding like rats. Add to that the treasonous policies of Trudeau we will soon resemble Belgium.

        • Kell

          make it impossible for them to live, breath or function their, burn their shit down and salt the earth beneath them, make them want to leave more than they want to stay…as civilians!

    • Yo Mama

      If it happens Trudeau’s response will probably be to take piles of money from the RCMP and CSIS to give to groups like Palestine House, NCCM, ICNA and the Canadian Arab Federation to “fight radicalism”.

      He will probably give taxpayers money to build mosques to appease his new constituents.

  • Maxsteele

    One point where this linked article is incorrect is the point where they say not to believe that the next attack is a “lone wolf” attack. Security experts (independent ones not in the pocket of the politicians) have been warning that terrorism was going to metastasis into single, lone wolf, attacks for over three years now. So, you should believe these are indeed lone wolf attacks which are ordered by the terrorist regimes around the world.

    • Kell

      Introduce them to Operation: Reciprocity…DO to them what they do to YOU!

      • Maxsteele

        Agreed but I would rather be more proactive. It is time to call a spade a spade and close any mosque that is spreading radical ideas, kick out any Imam that is preaching Jihad in Canada, do not let in any speakers or “guests” that have ties to any terror group or is promoting terrorism and stop immigration of any Muslim that cannot be completely and thoroughly vetted.

    • Tom Quiggin

      The attacks may be “single actor” which is to say one person doing the attacks such as we have seen in Canada. But they are individuals who were radicalized as part of a larger group or effort. A lone wolf is defined as someone who was radicalized by themselves and acted independently from any other orders or “suggestions.”

      Either way, however, it is a real problem for security services.

      • Maxsteele

        Just a question of semantics I guess and the message that they are trying to promote to us citizens. When the govt. only budgets 8M dollars for anti terrorism but 675M to the CBC we can see that they do not take this seriously and are lying to us with their propaganda.

  • k1962

    And the first reaction from Trudeauhood will be concern about a backlash that never happens because only Muslims do backlash when upset.

    • Kell

      and until you get pissed enough TO backlash, they win! PERIOD!
      PC is getting us killed!

  • WalterBannon

    Let just hope that ISIS knows where Justin lives and focuses their evil on our leaders.

  • Clausewitz

    We’ve already had two terrorist attacks by Muslims in Canada. But since only one man in uniform was killed in each instance the MSM seems to be giving the religion of peace a pass.

  • eMan14

    Lone wolf or not, it’s inspired by the same ideology. An ideology that doesn’t belong in this country. And every politician knows this. And they should be dealt with accordingly for willfully ignoring the problem.

  • Canadian

    I thought that since Just-in wears a dress to go to the mosque, we`d be spared by the beheaders.

  • Gary

    My bet is the PRIDE parade in Toronto because Justin did a Virtue-signalling and told the Media, plus ISIS , that he will March in the Parade .

    If muslims slaughtered joggers in Boston as a favour to allah, imagine how ISIS feels knowing Justin will be surrounded by queers where they can kill them all in one spot plus our useful-Idiot PM.
    I think the RCMP and CSIS have a problem on their hands because we are now a valid target waiting to be hit by muslim terrorists which means that Justin was pretty stupid to commit to his Marching in PRIDE when ISIS also hate gays .
    If he pulls out of PRIDE it will confirm what we have said about importing muslims that hate us and plot to kills while on welfare …..but if he goes in the Parade we take that risk for the terrorists to fail and were stuck with 3 more years and $600 million for the CBC.

    • Maurice Miner

      They hate us for our freedoms, dontcha know?

    • Kell

      ISIS would rather have the gays then anything resembling patriots and free men, people willing to fight! they can always clean up the gays after

  • marty_p

    The Toronto Star and Crescent today have a front page article on the bombing in Pakistan yesterday…. amazingly, in the entire article on the bombing no use of the words “Islam/Islamic or Muslim”…. it was “a breakaway faction of the Taliban”….is as close as they get to naming those responsible….

  • Kell

    When are my northern neighbors going to do something to prevent it? I get your hobbled by PC, so are we, but when do we take this battle TO the enemy? As civilians? You going to let them rape your women and girls, too? Politics isn’t going to win this war, folks, ass whooping and never-mind their names, can and will! You don’t go after rabid dogs with ASPCA rules, you release your own tougher, meaner junk yard type dogs, supply them properly and get out of the fucking way and let us DO what we do! Anything else and you’ve already lost!

    • Justin St.Denis

      Please first explain what Americans – presuming you are posting from the USA – are doing to counter the onslaught of muslims. Just wondering……