It’s worse than Crucifixion!

Gay Jesus actor is banned from Easter parade for being ‘too ostentatious’ when he performed the role last year


  • I’m saying this: why do flaming pansies ruin things for people? Why?

  • ntt1

    did he perform the bit about the loaves and swishes? or go for a mincing walk on the sea at galilea?is this related to the degenerate queers that dress as nuns and cavort about like limp wristed versions of the raging grannies?Why is it OK for the queers to target Christian belief symbols ?

  • dukestreet

    It seems pretty obvious to me that he’s pulling the gay card. If he’d been doing the parade for 30 years with no problem, he really can’t get away with that. I can see that he broke the rules,even though he knew what they were. He has no on to blame but himself. He knew what he was doing.

  • bob e

    fruit cake is concerned only about “me” .. like barry o’fraud,
    he only cares about “me” .