Islamspeak: Imam’s Praise for killer of Christian rights advocate was call for “resolution by passive means involving due process.”

A MOSQUE whose imam praised the murder of a politician who promoted Christian rights last night issued an apology.

But the Glasgow Central Mosque said comments made by their main spiritual leader Habib Ur-Rahman had been taken “out of ­context”.

The statement added: “His comments were never intended to condone violence but were intended to refer to resolution by passive means involving due process.”


This is Islam. Not ‘radical’ Islam. Mainstream Islam.

Islam is a cult founded in murder and deceit but the useful idiots of the west will still hide their heads in the sand.

  • DavidinNorthBurnaby

    “Islam is a cult founded in murder and deceit …”
    Don’t forget the pedophilia. It seems to be a big feature even now.