We must stop blaming ourselves for Islamist terror

Police escort Islamist demonstrator marching to protest outside the US embassy in London on September 11, 2011 before a ceremony to mark the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks on the United States. Around 50 people brandished anti-US banners, chanted slogans and burnt a small piece of paper with a picture of the US flag on it. AFP PHOTO / CARL COURT (Photo credit should read CARL COURT/AFP/Getty Images)

Why, whenever any act of Islamist terror is carried out on Western society do we race to ask all the wrong questions, all based on the central fallacy that this is somehow our own fault?

  • Frankly I make it a habit never to blame myself for the depraved actions of Islam’s devout adherents.

    • Islamic theology is the problem.

      It clearly incites some followers to commit violence. The number of Muslims willing to commit violence is obviously high enough to create the problem alluded to in the article.

      Just admit the simple fact. Islamic theology is the problem.

      Now figure out a cure – a way to reform Islam – that works.

      • Waffle

        LOL — better to figure out a way to lock the barn door now that (relative) sanity has escaped the collective mind.

  • Dana Garcia

    People who blame “us” are trying to convince themselves that they have a degree of control over the barbarian behavior of alien others. If jihad is our fault, then we can fix it.

    Of course, that attitude denies the fact that the enemy has his own murderous ideas and acts accordingly.

  • mobuyus

    In a sane world those cops in that picture would be leading those assholes to their imminent execution.

    • V10_Rob

      “I hate British Jihadis…”

  • Shebel

    I blame ‘Ourselves’ for Islamic terrorism for the simple reason that we are dumb enough to search for some PC reasons to Justify terrorism instead of reacting in a strong way that would be a deterrent to future Terrorism .
    Terrorists may as well keep Terrorizing us— We are not going to anything except bring in more Muslims and be nice,nice nice to them.

  • G

    Asshole cops protecting this scumbag.

  • Alain

    Going back in time, can anyone imagine what the outcome would have been had we blamed ourselves for the militant imperialism of Germany and Japan.

    • Minicapt

      At the time, the inmates were still confined to their cells; now they are allowed to be in charge.