RCMP arrest Muslim suspected of plotting to leave Canada to engage in terrorism

BRAMPTON—The day after he was arrested by RCMP anti-terrorism police, a 23-year-old appeared in court Saturday to face weapons charges and allegations he was preparing to leave Canada to engage in terrorism.

Kevin Omar Mohamed was arrested by members of the Toronto-based Integrated National Security Enforcement Team as part of an ongoing counter-terrorism investigation called Project Swap, the RCMP said.


From Guyana – here’s his twitter account.

  • pdxnag

    Do you have a Gitmo to house him for the next 60 years?

    Kick him out forever but make sure he is not a “Canadian” when he wages his Islamic Jihad abroad, lest it might be viewed as an act of war by Canada.

    • Alain

      Everyone can thank the Liberals for doing away with the law removing his Canadian citizenship.

  • JoKeR


    • dagawker

      I was going to mention the similarities in stupidity between Justin and this twitter jihadi. Glad to see someone else took notice.

  • dance…dancetotheradio


  • Hobble him and remove his tender bits.

    THEN send him overseas.

  • Frances

    Let them leave; just don’t let them return.