Incubators of Islamic Supremacism

Surveillance in Muslim communities is indispensable for defeating terrorism.

With no hope of winning an argument on the facts, demagogues resort to the argument ad hominem. Too often, it works. And in the modern “progressive” West, no demagogic tactic works better than branding one’s political adversaries as racists. That is why the Muslim Brotherhood, the world’s most influential Islamic-supremacist organization, dreamed up the term “Islamophobia.” It is why Western progressives, stalwart allies of the Brotherhood, have lustily embraced the Islamophobia smear tactic — even sought to engrave it in our law, in brazen violation of the First Amendment.

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    Extermination is.

  • Alain

    Remove the source, Islam, from all lands, and there will be no need for surveillance and all the money wasted on attempting to deal with a problem that was imported.

  • The Muslim Brotherhood is the world’s most influential RACIST organization.

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    Ham and cheese sandwiches all around, with pork and beans. And bacon.