Europe damaged by careless immigration

The enemy is now within. In Europe, anyway, and specifically in Belgium.

The Brussel’s neighbourhood of Molenbeek has become a base for radical Islamic terrorism in Europe.

The 2004 Madrid subway bombings — the deadliest Islamic terrorist attack on the continent to date — had links to Molenbeek. More recently, the Paris attacks were planned from Molenbeek and carried out, in part, by terrorists born and raised in the neighbourhood.

  • Ron MacDonald

    Failed then and will fail again…

  • Thank the progressives for this suicidal policy.

  • Kaye92

    “[Canada has] taken a very different approach than Europe. Our immigration system is more selective, our integration model is deliberate, and our borders are better patrolled and secured.”

    Perhaps Canada was more careful in the past in its selection process, but this has changed with Trudeau: the floodgates are open. In addition, Canada too had a family reunification policy which allowed many poorly educated, low skilled people to become citizens (Trudeau senior remove the educational requirement for immigrants, as I recall, and it’s been downhill since.)

    Additionally, what integration model is the author talking about? Wearing facemasks while swearing phony allegiance to the nation, perhaps? If Canada is any better off than Europe it is only because our percentage of muslims hasn’t (yet) caught up to the worst European nations. But it soon will. Plus we have the good fortune of having an ocean between us and Asia/Africa. But this no longer helps us much since there are enough muslims already here that even without further immigration, muslims are projected to become a majority of the population by 2050 ( ). So, essentially, we’re in the same sinking boat as Europe, only perhaps a decade or so behind them.

  • Spatchcocked

    Just read today in Dalrymple that the Varangian hordes who fell Rome were only 5 per cent of the population…….THEY had the necessary will.