Why will no one admit the way some western Muslims raise their children is fomenting terror?

Brutality begins at home. In looking for the reasons behind Tuesday’s Belgian atrocities, we have to face the fact that the ultimate cause lies in the upbringing of the killers.

And when I say ‘we’ must face it, I am talking about Muslim communities across Europe and here in Britain. It is our responsibility and we must deal with it.

I do not discount the effects of casual racism against Muslims, of anger over the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and of the spread of Islamic extremism from Saudi Arabia.

All of these things are important, but just as vital is the way that Muslim families raise their children. For too long, no one has dared to say a word on this subject, but we can no longer ignore it.

  • Excellent analysis.

    • That woman must be some kind of racist!

      • “I do not discount the effects of casual racism against Muslims, of anger over the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq”.

        If Muslims stopped murdering people all over the world, the “casual racism against Muslims” and “the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq” would not exist.

        The problem is 100% caused by Islamic theology.

        • Blacksmith


  • H

    “In the wake of the London bombings in 2005, one shocking poll commissioned by Channel 4 showed 30 per cent of British Muslims refused to condemn atrocities completely … That view is much less widespread now. People have woken up. Attitudes to honour killings have also begun to shift, as they have towards female genital mutilation and forced marriages.”

    BS – muslims have not woken up: their attitudes have hardened since 2005. They are more determined than ever to resist contamination from evil Western society and the younger muslims have harsher and less “integrated” attitudes toward the West than their parents’.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Until the delegitimization of all Muslum grievance in the west occurs and such nonsense that they have any legitimate grievances that justifies violence also occurs, we will never be safe in their presence.
    By using the author’s own logic, we would be perfectly justified in blowing up mosques in retaliation for Islamic attacks.
    If those are now the new rules…
    Yeah, I don’t think she meant that.

  • Ron MacDonald

    Deep thought for the day…

  • Dana Garcia

    Muslim immigrants bring their violent cultural child-rearing with them. Ayaan Hirsi Ali recounted a family where people were hitting each frequently in her autobiographical book Nomad. “Islam is not just a belief; it is a way of life, a violent way of life. Islam is imbued with violence, and it encourages violence,” she observed.


  • Waffle

    At first, I thought the author might have something useful to say, until I stumbled on this:
    “Since 9/11, the popular rationale in the West has been that suicide bombers must be intent on becoming martyrs, heading for paradise, but I cannot accept that.
    I think the brothers’ motive was far more negative — they did not want to live. Life had offered them nothing, so they rejected it.”

    Sounds suspiciously like Boy Wonder’s pronouncement in the wake of the Boston Marathon slaughter.

    There is a persistent and immutable belief that Muslims think and hold the same value systems as Westerners. After all, it’s human nature, isn’t it? Oh, that it were so.

    Try as we might, we cannot fully understand how they can glorify death and sacrifice their children (as long as infidels die in the religiously sanctified suicide). We refuse to believe our eyes and ears when we see them celebrating the slaughter (remember 9/11?).

    Some ideas are so ingrained that it is impossible to dislodge them. Let me provide a non-controversial example:

    I went grocery shopping the other day with my neighbor, a nice, very “white bread” kind of lady. In the noodle department, something interesting caught my eye — green rice noodles. I stood there for a couple of minutes wondering how I could use them. My neighbor wrinkled her nose. Never in a million years could she conceive of using an ingredient so different from what she was used to (the green color came from spinach) — noodles just had to be white or she wouldn’t eat them.

    Same difference. She is like the writer who just simply cannot accept that (some Muslims) willingly embrace death as a gateway to paradise.

    The historian, Bernard Lewis, provides excellent insights into the Muslim mind. He should be read as a matter of course.

    • Etobicoke_Gladiator

      Yes, excellent comment about B. Lewis. He is an indispensable reference on my bookshelf along with Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Mark Steyn, Ezra Levant, and some others. 🙂

  • The real problems here have nothing to do with racism, ignorance or anger. It is CULTURE! This is Arab/Muslim culture and the only cure for it is to force those who inhabit the culture to recognize that It does not work, that it is an inferior way of being and that it will only produce hardship and bloodshed. Islam must mature and evolve into something compatible with Western Civilization or the West must submit to Sharia Law.

    The problem is that this realization is prevented by the multiculturalism and retrograde compassion of the liberal west. That too is a cultural problem and will only be solved in one of two ways. The west must regain its self assurance and vitality or be conquered and defiled by Islam.

  • k1962

    I’ve admitted it. They don’t raise their kids. They have too many of them and they are feral. Throw in a some Islam and it’s a recipe for disaster for the rest of us who have to live with the in our country.

    • Etobicoke_Gladiator

      Hear, hear! *sigh*

      • k1962

        One of my children who had a summer job at a non-profit can attest to this too.

  • Millie_Woods

    I’m slowly arriving at the conclusion that Islam truly is incompatible with any other belief set and any attempt to reconstitute it into something more compatible with anything non-islamic only succeeds in bringing out its more vile characteristics. This article is yet another nail in the coffin.

  • Because that would make sense.

  • simus1

    A combination of a violent criminality friendly muslim culture plus a complete disdain for a wimpy infidel mandated educational milieu, and an almost total complete abdication of responsibility and law enforcement by the authorities gives the expected result.