Turkish officials: Europe wanted to export extremists to Syria

Turkish officials have accused European governments of attempting to export their Islamic extremist problem to Syria, saying the EU has failed to secure its own borders or abide by pledges to share intelligence and cooperate in fighting the jihadist threat.

The failures were outlined by Turkish officials to the Guardian through several documented instances of foreign fighters leaving Europe while travelling on passports registered on Interpol watchlists, arriving from European airports with luggage containing weapons and ammunition, and being freed after being deported from Turkey despite warnings that they have links to foreign fighter networks.

“We were suspicious that the reason they want these people to come is because they don’t want them in their own countries,” a senior Turkish security official told the Guardian. “I think they were so lazy and so unprepared and they kept postponing looking into this until it became chronic.”


For another view… Jordan’s King Abdullah: Turkey exporting extremists to Europe

  • Gary

    Here we go , first come the Shock of a horrific jihad slaughter and then come the blame game.

    I expect this in Canada once we have our mass slaughter linked to years of warning about islamsists and going soft of terrorists as if they all misunderstood the peaceful teaching in the quran.
    John Tory will blame Wynne , Wynne will blame Justinn while Justin blames Harper and the islamophobes that drove peaceful muslims to become jihadist .

  • Ron MacDonald

    I believe King Abdullah.

  • JoKeR

    The terrorist exchange: