The Lie of Academic Free Speech


The disturbing campaign to suppress speech which is purportedly hurtful, unpleasant, or morally-distasteful—a sample of which was evident at the Chicago rally—is, for anyone following what is happening on campuses, a troubling and recurrent pattern of behavior by some of the same ideologues who shut down Trump: “progressive” leftists and “social justice” advocates from Muslim-led pro-Palestinian groups.

  • simus1

    Red Fascist suppression of free speech is a given.

    Oscar Wilde:
    “Nowadays people know the price of everything and the value of nothing.”

    or another quote of his slightly altered to better fit today’s cutting edge:
    “It is always with the worst of intentions that the worst work is done.”

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    Any conservative who has been to university knows that academic free speech is a lie.
    I self selected myself out of the faculty of management, formerly called commerce, after I audited a few classes.
    When they started talking about pay equity I was galled.
    And this was back in the day when the idea of pay equity was to determine how much anyone should get paid.
    The plan was for the government to determine everyone’s relative worth to society regardless of what the market said.