Terrorizing the Terrorists

Special operations forces soldier equipped with night vision and an automatic weapon.

It’s a good time to be in ISIS.

While they’re cleaning up the debris and bagging bodies in Brussels, ISIS is high-fiving in Raqqa and Paris and London and Mosul. They’ve got the free world on the run for the simple reason that the free world is too politically correct and weak to fight back.

  • Even if ISIS disappeared there would be no shortage of Muslim terrorists stepping up to bat.

  • Gary

    About 80% of the Mosques in canada were cheering the slaughter plus the terrorism attack in Canada early last week.
    The follower of islam at the CBC and Human Rights Commons are also cheering the victory for allah’s caliphate. There is no way the 1,000,000 plus muslims in Canada are all the peaceful ones because terrorist wouldn’t want to come since Justin told ISIS he’s not against them and a friend if then ever need a hug.