Second GA teen arrested for internet death threats against Donald Trump

Agents with the Meriwether County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigation Division with Secret Service Agents arrested him after posts he made earlier this week on social media were reported to the FBI.

  • What kind of “Teen”?

    • ntt1

      if the media suppressed that information it must be because the perp belongs to a protected group like gays or …muslims

    • DavidinNorthBurnaby

      It says he’s “from Georgia”. Oh, yeah, you mean like Khadr is “from Canada”. :rolleyes

  • DavidinNorthBurnaby

    Wow, its incredible the degree to which Trump Derangement Syndrome is already rampant. I mean, riots in the streets, death threats. Can you imagine how these nuts would react if he were to become POTUS?

    • infedel

      soros and nwo and culrural marxism crap to make a fringe 1% look like they are a majority…. the majority is tired of the self elected elite…

    • Gary

      Right, and make note of the number of White people that had to have voted for Obama to get him 50%+ of the votes to to win. Note how these “racists”
      crackers in 2012 didn’t riot and loot or make death threat when Obama won his 2nd term .

      The mythical White Racist Islamophobic Homophobic Misogynist seems to be well hidden because so far muslims have attacked gays bars, gone jihad to kill whites and blacks plus women among them, attack their own Mosque to report a fake hate-crime. There is no mass bombing of mosque from backlash no matter how many time Obama says it is rampant while the FBI STATS show the attacks on jews going up and mainly by muslims .

  • barryjr

    I wonder how many of these threats are made against all candidates that we never hear about?

  • Gary

    It’s about time the brain dead followers of Obama and the left start to see the violent intolerant thugs among them that need useful idiots like them to buy the Snake-Oil from Burnie and Hillary.
    They promise all that FREE stuff for now , but when their ponzi scheme implodes they will see all those thugs today that attacked the Right wing to turn on THEM and steal whet they have and even rob their food .

    Obama has his BLM racists street thugs that are the neo Brown Shirts from the 1930’s.