No wonder they call it ‘Belgistan’

The horrific attacks earlier this week in Belgium are yet another stark reminder of the terror threat facing Europe. More than 30 civilians were murdered in Brussels and it was only by luck (the fortuitous jamming of a gun) that the death toll was not very much higher.

But these attacks are also a wake-up call to a paralysed political class that has failed to get a grip on jihadism. Every day brings fresh revelations about the criminal incompetence of Belgium’s security services. Those failures represent a major political and intelligence blunder which has only encouraged the murderous extremism of Islamic State (IS).

  • Frances

    The political class may well be “paralyzed” but that’s in large part because they have been shielded from the consequences of mass migration of Muslims to Belgium. They live in upper-class neighbourhoods, their children attend “good” schools, their jobs are not at risk from migrants who will work for less; they can afford to be “inclusive” and “generous” and “non-Islamophobic”. Instead of the general airport area and the subway station, the bombers should have gone for the VIP section of the airport and the limousine entrances of the EU and other government buildings.

  • JoKeR

    The Europeans insist it will work for others, so they should set the example.

  • Gary

    The terrorist are aided and abetted by the muslim community that hide theses killers or when they get arrested prior to the Jihad these muslims take to the streets for a islamophobia protest march .

    It’s too late, the majority of muslims have shown their true colours not by an overt denouncing and protesting terrorism………but by the their silence to condemn it which is seen a a tacit approval by terrorist to continue .

    I can bet you when the mosque’s start to get bombed the muslims will demand that non-muslims condemn it.
    CAIR has the nerve to demand that the FBI go after islamophobes or that non-muslims should help the FBI when they look into hate-crimes against Muslims……but CAIR hands out leaflets that ask Muslim to NOT help the FBI when the criminal is a muslim doing jihad for allah’s cause.
    The photo below is in Marco Rubios’ State and Jeb Bush, they both want more syrian refugees while not caring about illegals.

  • simus1

    Most bureaucratic organizations are like fish which rot from the head down.
    Belgian politicians and muslim terrorists each have their priorities.
    Obviously public safety is not regarded a very high priority by either one.

  • canminuteman

    I no longer think the political class is paralyzed and incompetent. They are active aiders and abettors if the invasion. They have to be. It would be impossible to be this stupid and this incompetent.