MSNBC Terror Analyst Blames Belgium Terrorist Attack On…Belgium


Why, why, WHY? Why is everyone so mean to Muslims? Why won’t Belgians hug terrorists and give them food, clothing and shelter and celebrate diversity? Why are they so Islamophobic?

  • pdxnag

    Hint: Islamic texts. Muslims call themselves Muslim because they prefer the content of these texts.

    Today only a master procrastinator would be unable to find any one of an army of written audio or video summaries online. Who do you know personally that is obsessive compulsive at avoiding the internet? I know a few but they are not held out as some sort of expert on this or that.

    • Norman_In_New_York

      He’s not a master procrastinator, only a master baiter.

  • Spatchcocked

    Mogheris brother…..strike up the banjos….then shoot the silly fucker

  • ed

    the female lib-tard mayor of mollenbeek told reporters she has the answer to muslim terror attacks .muslims have large familys and she want`s to build new 4 and 5 bedroom apartments for them, as the free 2 to 3 bedroom one`s are to small ,so ! free 5 bed apt no jihad killings simple !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF

  • Gary

    This guy actually knows how predisposed to riots and terrorism the followers of islam are and he has no choice but to follow the charade that islam is a religion of peace .
    He can’t afford the security and doesn’t want dead threats so he lets the bodies pile up and blames the victims.

    • Damaris Bowers

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  • Reader

    Who does Evan Kohlmann think he is, Justin Trudeau?

  • Blacksmith

    Sorry dipshit but it is a survival trait, People have noticed that if they let pisslamist in to their community they get all splodey and stabby and shit. The majority of people don’t want to die.

  • Clausewitz

    In today’s progressive world, it’s always the victims fault. “Look what you made me do”.