It’s Time For America To Start Monitoring Mosques

mosque gun training

We are in a war against radical/political Islam and the biggest domestic terrorist threats to America today come from the Muslim community and if we could save one life by preventing one terrorist attack a monitoring program is well worth it.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    It’s not going to happen with the jihadist-in-chief still in the White House.

  • Monitoring mosques and schools is long overdue. Numerous undercover investigations have found Islamic theological hate being taught and incitement to violence being preached.

    Islam should be investigated under the RICO statutes as an organized crime enterprise.

    Muslims have a right to pray all they want. But they do not have a right to incite violence and exchange money in an effort to undermine US law and promote Sharia law.

    If one penny of Saudi money can be found being used to further violence in the US, we should have the right to zero tolerance all Saudi monies in the Western Banking system. (You can be sure that the blacked out portion of the 9/11 report found Saudi complicity.)

    We need politician with a spine, not a bunch of PC feel good fruitcakes who won’t read the damn Koran.

    Islam is a death cult. Get over it. It is time to take it apart. 1,400 years is too long.

    • We do not do it in Canada. We are too cowardly to properly defend ourselves. This will only get worse under PM Useful Idiot’s tenure.

  • Gary

    Muslims in the USA are only about 0.006% of the total for the Worlds muslims so it’s pretty rich for CAIR to judge the 99.004% outside the USA as misunderstanding the quran or the peaceful teaching of islam.

    When around 4 million muslims in the USA tell me that islam means peace while close to 300,000,000 outside the USA support jihad terrorism to kill the infidels which include me………I’ll take the word of 300 million that want to kill me as a valid promise rather the CAIR Mr.Hooper who has only about 45,000 email addresses for those claiming to be muslims and support CAIR.

    CAIR only has 45,000 supporters out of 1.5 billion muslims .

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    • Islam supports violent jihad. You cannot be a Muslim and not support jihad and every other insanity made “holy” in the koran, hadith and sunna.

      If you’re a Muslim who doesn’t support Jihad you’re simply not a good Muslim.

      • Norman_In_New_York

        I know a few bad Muslims who drink and gamble as well as disavowing jihad.

      • Gary

        I still say that even if Justin and Obama or the CBC and STAR bang their drum that a devout muslim doing jihad terrorism acts is NOT a true muslim……FINE, but they all have the quran at the core for why they murder civilians which makes the qruan the issue not the killer if THAT’s the excuse by the CBC and the leaders.

        Lets forget they are muslims , someone reads the quran and lusts for slaughtering enemies of allah so they go out a do while praise allah in arabic .
        Even CAMH with all the Doctor’s for our mental Heath crisis would use a dartboard Chart to find the common denominator ( or root cause) and have the bull eye center of the board with the word Quran over and over again. Muslim might only appear 95% of the time but the quran is 100% for jihad slaughters .

        Tell that to Police Chief Saunders who refuses to link islam to a muslim terrorist.