How about we ‘defend European values’ by not arresting people who say stupid things?

After terrorist outrages like the one in Brussels, our leaders always say the same thing: ‘We must defend European values against these evil killers.’ It seems the Metropolitan Police didn’t get the memo. For they have just arrested someone — actually arrested someone — for tweeting something unpleasant about the Brussels attack, in the process trampling their coppers’ boots all over what is surely, or at least ought to be, the most important European value of all: freedom of speech

  • Martin B

    Merkel wanted Suckerberg to help her hunt down and punish German citizens for opposing the policies of the German government. Suckerberg was glad to oblige. Is there the slightest doubt in your mind that Suckerberg and the Metropolitan Police would have been willing and eager Nazi collaborators?

  • simus1

    Plods have their orders and are well aware of what can happen to cops who “embarrass superiors” by straying away from being team players harassing nobodies.