Ghomeshi Gong Show

To the surprise of exactly no one with criminal law experience, Jian Ghomeshi was acquitted on all sexual assault charges. The media and supporters of survivors erupted with reaction.

This case is an unmitigated disaster for sexual assault survivors, who should be our first priority. It doesn’t help anything to sugar-coat what happened here. By sugar-coat, I mean portray this case as another example of a misogynistic system that victimized women.


This is an excellent article, but not for the witnesses…

  • Ron MacDonald

    His legal fees have to be pushing a million dollars.

    • BillyHW

      There really ought to be some sort of punishment levelled out to batshit crazy women who lie about sexual assault.

      • Ron MacDonald

        A couple of years in prison would do it.

      • barryjr

        I think they should get the same punishment that the alleged rapist would have received if he was proven guilty.

        • Bataviawillem

          Some parts of Spanish law are like that.

      • No recourse for anyone here. Perjury is hard to prove, he may have a case for libel but beyond that not much.

      • Will Quest

        Ugly & violent paranoids hook-up and we suffer the consequences !

    • barryjr

      Make the accusers pay them.

    • At 1100.00 per hour for Heinen I’d say so. And he has another trial in June.

      • Ron MacDonald

        Plus costs.

  • Ed

    This is what qualifies for “celebrity” in Canada.


    • He was a “CBC” celebrity which means he was big in Downtown Toronto.

      • Will Quest

        BINGO !

      • Everyone Else

        the Q show is on American CBC (National Public Radio) 8-10 every single weeknight, so yes Ghomeshi is/was a celebrity

  • Gary

    I remember when Rob Ford was alleged to have had a domestic violence case based on a CUPE member at the 9-1-1 call centre that leaked it out.

    Later I heard a Leftist liberal feminists mention on a Radio show that just because Ford wasn’t changed by the Police it doesn’t mean his not guilty .
    I kept his file in a RAM so when people like Smithermen , Brent Hawkes , Chreitein , McGuinty , Ben Levin , Sven Robinson , Jack Layton plus Michael Bryant don’t get charge and go to jail……it doesn’t mean they are Innocent .

    From now on I play the Leftists game to repeat an allegation n as facts to see how they like it and expose them in public as haters to support a pedophile now found guilty while they attack someone with allegation as guilty before a trial.

    The also refuse to attack muslim rapists and pedophiles or wife abusers.

    The gloves are off .

  • Alain

    No, this case has no relation to true sexual assault survivors whatsoever, and it is insulting to them to claim it is related. The women here were not victimised by the accused nor by a “misogynistic system. They were willing, consenting adults who apparently go off on this kind of perversion. The accused and the so-called victims are all one sick bunch.