Brussels Attacks: Belgium’s Muslim Council refuses to dedicate prayer to “non-Muslim” victims

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Brussels attacks: the Council of Theologians refuses to recite a prayer dedicated to the victims “not all Muslims”

At a council, as we say several sources, religious representatives refused to ask the imams to recite Surah “Al-Fatiha” (openness) in tribute to victims of the attacks. And, because the victims are not all Muslim. “They pretended that it was not planned in rituals codes. That is to say, it is not intended in practice to dedicate a prayer to non-Muslims. ”

Information that was confirmed to us by the Islamic scholar Michael Privot. “It has been refused to recite this prayer in homage to” unbelievers “in the words. A minute of silence was also proposed at the meeting, which was again refused, “he added.

This is why Islam is welcomed all over the world…

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  • Surely I want to say something lawsuit-worthy. But I shan’t.

    • Islam is a wretched cult, built on violence and fueled by both supremacist fantasy and a sense of perpetual victimhood.

      • Observer

        The “mercy” they talk about is only for other Muslims.

  • Doug Kursk

    Don’t care about Muslims anymore: they want war, they will get war. When that happens, they are not going to believe how violent the west will get

  • Martin B

    I say we should be grateful to the Council of Theologians for helping us to shine a light on the inhuman evil of Islam.

  • Frances

    That’s because they were all inwardly cheering.

    • Editor

      Exactly. There’s moderate islam.

  • k1962

    Shows exactly what they think of non-Muslims, a supremacist religion for sure. If they don’t have the prayers they could have dug deep and found anything remotely appropriate or made one up…hateful people.

  • But I thought they were moderate.

  • Justin St.Denis

    Muslims’ unerring sense of PR is quite astounding.