Belgium not cooperating with US on counter-terror efforts, official says

brussels attack memorial

Concern that the small European nation’s security and intelligence officials are overwhelmed – and that its coordination with allies falls short – have again come to the fore following the Islamic State-claimed attacks on Tuesday that killed at least 31 people.

  • Gary

    The brain dead leaders keep thinking that the well founded warnings for terrorism by muslims is just islamophobic ranting by racists bigots because islam is a religion of peace.

    Watch for Hillary to blame Trump or a YouTube video .

  • Yo Mama

    It’s not that Belgium isn’t trying to cooperate. It’s just that they want to find some way to say it was all completely Israel’s fault before they let anybody else get involved to disprove their desired conclusion.

    • marty_p

      It seems they had an Israeli security firm evaluate airport security in Brussels and then completely ignored the recommendations.

      • tamale

        Now that is interesting, though not surprising

      • I linked to a La Presse article where ex Belgian security people told a horrid tale about Politicians who were more intered in Muslim votes than in confronting the enemy within their gates.

        What’s chilling is that it is evident, especially under the reign of Princess Justin, that Canada is following the same route.

        From the article:

        The letter, entitled “J’accuse! The attack that services were concerned, “is a train out attack against the country’s leaders, accused of underfunded intelligence services and do not have in place legislation that would allow effective action. “I’m not the only one to think in this manner, but I have more freedom of speech than my former colleagues,” said, in a telephone interview, Mr. Snoek, who left the GISS in 2012.

        “I accuse politicians of having never wanted to understand the rise of radical Islam and deliberately ignoring it because of electioneering and being “politically correct”, he wrote. I accuse them of having allowed several Belgian municipalities develop a jihadist radicalism for years, to the point that socialist leader had said to me one day: “We know the problem of Molenbeek, but what do you expect, it’s a electorate that can not be overlooked. ”

  • Hard Little Machine

    This is a good case study for the tipping point in a society that gathers in a sufficient number of Muslims. The politicians want their votes because there’s so damn many of them. This is the point at which any sufficiently motivated group can topple a society based solely on political expediency of the craven. Brussels is what, a quarter Muslim. That’s the watermark. When a representative democracy has 25% Muslims, it implodes.